Blackbird co-designed live sport editing solution nominated for Emmy® Award with MSG Networks

The nomination for MSG Networks in the Technical Achievement category for ‘Excellence in technical engineering’ was received for MSG Networks’ live sport clipping integration co-designed using Blackbird. The solution solved many challenges with time-critical workflows across multiple systems, requiring quick delivery of content with closed captions.


Blackbird Cloud Video Platform
Our unique Blackbird Cloud platforms are powered by a codec that enables both live and non-live workflows to directly access, view and clip your content for publishing, conform and delivery to multiple platforms in a variety of standards.

Blackbird Ascent – Simple and intuitive easy-clip cloud editor with precision, frame accurate control enabling anybody to create sports, news and event highlights from live sources for time-critical delivery…

Blackbird Forte – Easy to use full-featured cloud editor enabling leading-edge content creation including an Emmy® nominated workflow with closed captioning for sports, news and event highlights and post-production for time-critical delivery.
Why choose Blackbird? 
Accessibility, anytime, anywhere
for live and non live content including rapid access to content and workflows for clip and highlight creation.
All-in-one platform
Improve every part of live and non live cloud video from ingest to edit through to  publishing and delivery – embrace team collaboration every step of the way.
Fastest proxy transcoding
Add content upload to the cloud with Blackbird Edge
Improve operational efficiencies
by utilising cutting-edge technology within a cloud native, platform agnostic, web-based application.
Complete Cloud control
The Blackbird platform provides freedom to host services and Cloud on your own terms.
Industry compliant
Gain assurance your video content including data modification, timing, position and compliant caption file delivery meet CVAA, and ADA  requirements with closed captioning.

Blackbird, masterfully engineered for the most time-critical workflows

Enhancing 8,000,000 hours of professional video and counting…


Blackbird’s innovative Edge to Cloud technology is the essential link that ties the patented Blackbird codec and the cloud. It ensures our customers are always at the cutting edge of what is possible in video technology, enhancing the user’s experience and increasing speed, quality and monetisation potential.


The Blackbird platform embraces the elegance of simplicity enabling you to streamline many production and delivery processes, leaving you to create videos with the highest impact and make your working day better.


Blackbird ensures you can complete your projects quickly, accurately and without compromise.


Blackbird’s world-class team of highly skilled product specialists, developers and account managers share in a goal to continually improve our Blackbird video technology and platform services to meet the growing demands of a digitally evolving landscape, ensuring both your team and final projects are delivered successfully.


Our platform ensures you have the production and delivery tools for teams to work together and produce the best video content. Our teams work collaboratively to produce the finest products and solutions.


We are passionate about what we do and support each other and our customers every step of the way.

Providing a rich suite of tools across the media supply chain

Live & File Ingest
Blackbird Edge Server enables the ingest of live and non-live content from baseband SDI, IP streams, and files. Encoded streams are captured to mezzanine, high resolution and the unique Blackbird proxy for use within the Blackbird Cloud platform. Both stream and file based content can be used for a variety of enrichment, production, captioning and publishing workflows.
Mobile Upload & Review
Blackbird mobile applications enable streamlined, fast turnaround of content directly from handsets. High and proxy resolution video streams can be captured and uploaded to the Blackbird Cloud for immediate access within logging, production or onward publishing workflows.
Content Enrichment & Editing
Blackbird Cloud has a rich, platform agnostic, web based edit experience with a comprehensive suite of capabilties from content logging, clipping and publishing to more comprehensive multi-track video and audio editing. Blackbird editing can including transitions and multi-camera management and a powerful set of underlying workflows to permit all of this remotely. The Blackbird video codec provides frame accuracy, and is easily accessible without the burden of caching and buffering slowing the production process. The ability to perform these tasks from anywhere in the world provides flexibility and speed to users especially where time and performance is important in getting content to consumers.
Post Production
Blackbird Cloud capabilities can be used to speed up and improve the efficiency of post production workflows by allowing users to pre-select content and create logging entries, clipping decisions and rough cut edits within the Blackbird Cloud applications. These can then be conformed and delivered for post production or be sent as an timeline to systems such as Avid for final editing and craft work. This workflow ensures that the expense of high end production systems is not a constraint to creativity.
Blackbird Edge is able to import captions from feeds and files, these can form the important basis of a number of workflows including the ability to quickly search and recall specific areas of the original source content. Blackbird applications also to enable the delivery of caption data within onward media supply chain workflows to broadcast, OTT and online platforms in multiple formats
Blackbird’s publishing workflows are enabled and available to the users in order to simplify the complex task of delivering content to multiple platforms. Publishing workflows can manage conform of media using the multi platform Blackbird player to instantly playback available content from the Blackbird proxy. Blackbird Cloud publishing processes video, audio and metadata such as captions and sidecar information. Publishing tasks can be distributed throughout the architecture to utilise the Blackbird Edge technology where high resolution material may still be remote – ensuring that the material is efficiently delivered to the consumer.


We partner with leading right holders, solution providers, sports and eSports management companies, event venues, sports teams, leagues & more…

Learn why Deltatre selected Blackbird video technology to solve remote location issues for the European Golf Tournament. It’s a hole in one.

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