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The workstation experience in the cloud

The Smart Cloud

Killer reasons to manage, edit and publish your video with Blackbird in the Cloud

What is Blackbird?

Blackbird is simply unique – it enables secure, lightning-fast, frame-accurate editing and distribution of video content by anyone, anytime, anywhere on any device using bandwidth as low as 2Mb per second. Blackbird is the workstation experience in the cloud.

Blackbird Edge is the state-of-the-art foundation technology for our product line – it allows you to accelerate the visibility, immediacy and manipulation of your video content for workflows across the media supply chain in the cloud.

Entry level cloud editor with precision, frame accurate control designed for professionals who are not trained editors. Easily create sports, news and event highlights from live sources for time-critical delivery.

Powerful, lightning-fast cloud video editor with precision, frame accurate control enabling multiple workflows for enrichment, logging and editing.

Blackbird – the world’s most highly responsive cloud video platform

Press  J – to reverse, press twice for  2x reverse speed, 3 times for 3x reverse speed.
Press K –  to pause the video
Press L  –  to play, press twice for 2 x speed, three times for 3x speed
Up arrow – zoom in the video Waveform
Down arrow – zoom out of the video Waveform
Left arrow   – to move the frame backward
Right arrow – to move the frame forward


“Blackbird gets the edit closer to the story, so geographical distance no longer creates a delay while you wait for rushes to be physically delivered back to the edit suite.”

Tim Dalby – Series Producer, Middlechild

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