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Lightning-fast video production in the cloud

Looking to replace SnappyTV?

Use Blackbird and make your content fly.

What is Blackbird?

Blackbird is the world’s fastest cloud video editing and publishing platform. Developed from the ground up just for the cloud, Blackbird delivers unbeatable speed, scalability and quality of editing tools and video output.

Accessed through any browser, easy to learn and needing only limited bandwidth to use, Blackbird powers significant productivity and efficiency benefits to any enterprise-level organisation working with video.

"Blackbird is best-of-breed."

Jon Hanford, Group CTO, Deltatre

"So psyched to be part of the A+E Networks deployment of Blackbird."

Kevin Tobin, Senior Director of Production, A+E Networks

"Blackbird gives our customers cloud video editing capabilities they can't get anywhere else."

Brad Ward, CEO, TownNews

"Truly impressed with Blackbird's platform and the team’s ability to quickly grasp and address production in the cloud."

Caleb Weinstein, Director – Sport, Media & Entertainment, Google Cloud

"Blackbird has solved the problem of latency. It is seriously impressive technology."

David Shapton, Editor,
Blackbird Edge is the state-of-the-art foundation technology for our product line – it allows you to accelerate the visibility, immediacy and manipulation of your video content for workflows across the media supply chain in the cloud.
Entry level cloud editor with precision, frame accurate control designed for professionals who are not trained editors. Easily create sports, news and event highlights from live sources for time-critical delivery.
Powerful, lightning-fast cloud video editor with precision, frame accurate control enabling multiple workflows for enrichment, logging and editing.


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