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3 things you should never do in an edit suite

There is no question that editors are valuable creative resources. And, given the choice, any time that any kind of editing is needed, we’d all choose to employ a professional video editor with nothing but the best high-end equipment. But there are projects that either don’t have the budget or don’t require the expertise of a professional video editor or high-end edit suite. Looking for ways to make savings in your post-production budget? Try taking these 3 activities out of the edit suite:

1. Rough cut

While editors play an important role in building storylines and creating narratives, sometimes it’s useful to create a rough cut before going into the edit. This is particularly true if you’re working on a programme that has a predetermined structure, but also applies if you have a tight edit budget and need to “hit the ground running” when you get into the edit suite. Producers in the past have relied on paper edits but the introduction of cloud-based editing software like Forscene now means that you can drag and drop clips onto a timeline that can be shared with your editor. Another option is to employ your editor to do the offline using this type of software instead of a traditional NLE in a post house – then you can capitalise on your editor’s expertise without the cost of a high-end edit suite.

2. Online content

Publishing highlights packages on a website? Sharing clips on social media? There’s no need to pay professional editing rates for this kind of straightforward task. Thanks to the move to IP and the introduction of tools like Forscene, video editing is becoming more accessible to the whole team. This means that teams are able to produce more content, for lower costs than ever before.

3. Reviews

Reviews and approvals are the biggest edit-suite time wasters. There really is no reason to make your editor sit through reviews – or to pay hourly edit suite rates for review time. Paying for QuickTime viewing copies is also not the ideal solution as any feedback still needs to be collated and matched back to the timeline. Making review copies of your edit available online lets clients, execs and broadcasters give input without leaving their desks and saves valuable edit time. As comments can be placed on the relevant shots, you’re also not left trying to figure out which comment applies to which part of the sequence. Your video editor only needs to get involved in making the final changes once they’ve been agreed.

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