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Cost effective storage and editing for long-term film projects

RDF Television uses Forscene for convenient storage, remote access and editing of its media throughout long-term reality film projects.

The company produces over 100 hours of network factual television every year for principal broadcasters, filming contributors from all across the country.

Unnecessary investment

RDF needed a solution to support a three-year ongoing project with sporadic filming throughout its duration. For this, they needed to consistently access and log their media with the option to edit whenever required – without any major investment in storage or edit suites.

Keeping all of their media on Avid storage throughout the duration of the project would have proved too expensive. Hardware-based storage at the office would only allow them to view the media without editing.

Video editing on demand in the cloud

  • On-site ingest: Film rushes are sent to RDF West in Bristol where they are ingested and uploaded via the Forscene Edge server
  • Cost-effective cloud storage: RDF have access to all of their content in the Forscene cloud without associated storage costs. With scalable pricing, they only pay for what they use
  • Professional NLE: Forscene’s complete palette covers video editing for all media industries
  • Remote access and collaboration: The production team in London have concurrent remote access to the media stored in Forscene. They can collaborate via Forscene’s live chat while working on the video content simultaneously
  • Integrating with the Avid workflow: Edit metadata from Forscene can be exported via AAF to continue the edit in the Avid

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Forscene provides RDF with a convenient cloud platform for their post-production workflow without unnecessary investment in expensive editing suites.

To find out how Forscene can benefit your broadcast production, get in touch today.



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