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Forscene and The Undateables – a perfect match

Betty is a London-based TV production company that produces a number of prime-time, factual television programmes including “Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners”, “Bear Grylls: Mission Survive”, “Tricks of the Restaurant Trade” and “The Undateables.”

Forscene has been an integral part of betty’s post-production workflow for the last five series of Channel 4’s, “The Undateables.” The award-winning show, currently in production on its seventh series, follows disabled people and those with a variety of conditions through the highs and lows of their quest to find love.

With multiple filming teams shooting simultaneously all over the country, the series has a high shoot volume and the team has a limited amount of time to log and review all the footage before post-production begins. After each shoot, the footage is backed up at the office and then sent on a transport drive to the edit house for ingest onto Avid storage. While the media is being ingested, it is automatically transcoded and uploaded to the Forscene cloud, making it available to any team member working on just about any device, over a standard internet connection, in the Forscene project.

Betty has a team of loggers that use Forscene to log and transcribe “The Undateables’” rushes from their office. Producer / Directors also review the footage in Forscene to familiarise themselves with the material and start identifying footage that they want to include in the programmes before the edit. During the Avid edit, Producer / Directors use Forscene to keep one step ahead of the cut by referring to the transcriptions and logging metadata to find interesting dialogue or search for shots while the editor is cutting other scenes.

Yasmine Alkadi, production manager at betty says: “Forscene is an incredible time saver when it comes to logging and transcribing large volumes of material in short time periods and is also a quick and easy means for the production team to pull sync footage and create rough cuts for viewing, without needing an edit suite. It’s the industry standard for creating more efficient post-production workflows and an invaluable part of “The Undateables’” workflow.”



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