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Farsi Gogglebox meets tight deadlines with Forscene

Forscene’s workflow solved the biggest challenge for the Farsi Gogglebox: a fast turnaround on hours and hours of content. Marjan TV Network’s Operations Director shares how reality show Googlebox is produced with a cloud-based post-production solution:

“Forscene allows us to start editing immediately after the shoot, enables 24-hour post-production with editors working across different time zones, and provides me with the ability to check in on edits, from anywhere in the world, on my laptop. I believe we wouldn’t have been able to pull off this production without it.”


Challenge: shooting Googlebox across two continents

Although the shoot is not in the Middle East, the production team chooses content from the region to be featured in the show. These programmes are sent to locations in Manchester and Toronto for the shoot, which takes place over five days at 20 different locations, generating approximately 120 hours of media per week for each episode. That’s a production workflow that spans four time zones every week.

The only way this plan would succeed was if it was possible to make every minute of the schedule productive – which meant devising a workflow with no down-time. This is how Forscene became a key part of the project.

Solution: Collaboration from anywhere in the world

Forscene allows video producers to access centralised material from a web browser or app on any device over a standard internet connection, and to collaborate from anywhere in the world using a full range of post-production tools.

It is a unified platform that offers review, logging, editing and publishing entirely in the cloud.

Standard post-production vs. cloud workflow

Standard post-production requires access to localised media, which can be a logistical and time consuming problem on a production like the Farsi Gogglebox. Cloud-based editing platforms can save time and allow producers and editors early access to the media.

Virtual servers can be used for uploads from multiple shoot locations to the Forscene cloud. This media is then accessible to editors anywhere in the world.

Training & implementation

Ordinarily, training a post-production team to use an entirely new system might take weeks or even months. As Forscene offers an intuitive interface, people can quickly get to grips and teams are able to be up and running in a short space of time.

In the case of the Farsi Gogglebox, technical teams could confidently use the system after just three days of operation, while the editors spent two weeks fully familiarising themselves with the software before production began.

Do you need help with your remote workflow?

To learn more about the Gogglebox workflow, here is the full case study, as featured in this month’s edition of Broadcast Pro Middle East magazine.

If you would like to learn how Forscene can help with your remote workflow, get in touch with us today and book a demo with one of our friendly product specialists.



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