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How to incorporate Forscene into your reality TV production

Forscene is used on a variety of different reality TV productions, enhancing workflows and enabling production companies and post houses to save time and money. With our cloud-based technology and cutting edge editor platform, we’ve outlined just a few of the different ways in which Forscene could be incorporated into a reality TV production, as it probably does a lot more than you first thought…

The simple sync pull… or not

Some reality TV productions use Forscene for creating sync pulls and rough cut editing, so they can get a head start on time spent in the edit suite. Forscene is often used by the Edit Producer alongside the editor, as they can be pulling edits together that are then available in the Avid for the editor to fine-tune and perfect. We’ve been told by many productions that working like this can shave 2 weeks off of a 6-week off-line edit, so the time and cost saving implications are vast.

Speedy Gonzales!

There are some reality TV productions that require very fast turnaround, where the shoot is happening one-week and the final programme TXs the following week. One of the key benefits of Forscene is that it’s completely cloud-based, so can be used to get ahead of the edit in the Avid. Studio Lambert’s Gogglebox is an example of one such reality TV show that works in this way, and we were first used on the programme back in 2014. Forscene is now being used on series seven of the prime time Friday night entertainment show, providing a cost-effective and valuable workflow solution.

Location, location, location server

Another advantage to using Forscene on your reality TV production is if it’s a location shoot, where the post-production is being carried out back at HQ. Having a location server means that the proxies of the media from that day’s shoot can be transcoded and uploaded to the Forscene cloud and made available in our editing platform. Then, anyone who has access to that Forscene account, from wherever they are in the world, can access and start working with the content. One thing we’ve found with this workflow on reality TV productions, is that the team back at HQ can direct the storyline for the next day’s shoot, meaning there’s less chance of having to worry about grabbing GVs later and adding more time (which you probably don’t have) or spending more money (which you definitely don’t have) to the production schedule. The first production that used Forscene in this way was Bangkok Airport back in 2015, and the difference in time zones meant that the team at HQ could provide the location team with production notes ready for the next day’s shoot.

Go virtual!

We’ve also recently introduced Forscene’s virtual server software, which enables productions to go boxless and negates the need to carry extra hardware. All you need is a laptop to install the virtual server on and content can be ingested on the laptop and uploaded using the WIFI, even over simple hotel networks! It’s perfect for small productions that still need to ingest and upload hours of content.

No more reviews!

Well technically not, as reviewing is a very important part of the production process, but because AAFs can be sent between the Avid and Forscene, this process can be sped up significantly. Your reality TV production will save so much time when you can easily bounce edits across the two platforms and your workflow will be enhanced.

So there you have it, just a snippet of what Forscene could potentially do for your reality TV production. If you’ve discovered something new here and want more information, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll be able to talk through your production needs with you.

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