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How to save time on your video production schedule

To be honest, we don’t actually have the infinite answer on how to save time on your video production schedule, but we do want to give you a free coffee in return for your opinion. Forscene are calling on Production Managers, Editors, Supervisors, Co-ordinators – whatever your role is in the production process – so we can gain a better understanding of time pressures in the video industry and whether technology adds to, or help solves, them.

Now, you might be sat there reading this and thinking, “I don’t have time to fill out a survey!” – but we assure you it won’t take longer than a coffee break and they’re (mostly) all multiple choice questions, to make it easier on you. As a thank you, we’re giving away free Starbuck vouchers when you complete the survey*.

Simply click here and you’ll be taken to SurveyMonkey to carry out the survey. Thanks in advance!

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*Starbucks coffee vouchers will be emailed to the first 100 recipients that complete at least 80% of the survey.



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