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Riverview Studios deploys Forscene for collaborative editing

Riverview Studios, based in New Jersey, recently came to us as a new Forscene client. They typically produce documentary-style programmes and are using our cloud based post-production platform on an exciting workflow, and one that is the perfect example of collaboredit, with both sides able to log in to a Forscene account and edit from two separate locations.

The footage comes straight in to Forscene from the camera on location, where the editor, who is based in Poland, is able to pick up the content and start working on cutting sequences together. Riverview Studios are then able to log in to the same Forscene account and comment directly on the timeline, or use the live chat function to feedback directly to the editor. This workflow removes the back and forth time wasted on uploading and downloading clips for approval over email, meaning more effort can be put into the actual editing. Once sequences have been assembled in Forscene, they are then able to export an AAF for finishing in Premiere Pro.

Forscene is integral to this workflow and as Riverview’s CEO, Jim Parker, puts it: “We’ve been looking for the right solution, and Forscene looks like a perfect fit. Not only can we collaborate overseas, but we can work cross platform, share files with clients easily and add notes to our timelines. We’re working on several international projects at the moment, and Forscene should enable us to solve many of our collaboration challenges.”

Take a look at our promo video for BVE, which demonstrates how collaborative editing can save you a lot of time with Forscene and meet us at the show later this month to see Forscene in full editing action.



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