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Has Selfie TV changed the broadcast industry forever?

Selfie TV is the brand new term being used to describe talent show formats that popularise “normal” people. It’s the culture of celebrity for celebrity sake, and it’s more popular than ever before.

Why are we obsessed with watching selfie TV?

We have an inbuilt appetite for people-watching, hence the resurgence of the talent show format in its various guises. Popular reality TV shows like Big Brother, Geordie Shore and The Island have made millions of dollars and have radically changed the landscape of television today. The pinnacle of the latest crop of selfie TV shows is Gogglebox, in which viewers actually watch other people watching TV – it’s like a snake eating its own tail!

The value of reality, or selfie TV, has skyrocketed since its early days in the 1990s. In America, reality programming pioneer MTV were capitalising on shows like Real World, while European TV executives cooked up shows like Survivor and Big Brother inspiration, Nummer 28. The real growth, however, has occurred over the last decade as reality programming revenue has soared to over £90 billion.

How is Forscene suited to selfie TV production?

Forscene is already implemented in the creation of selfie TV around the globe on shows like The Island, The Voice of Ireland and Gogglebox. Our platform allows for remote editing by automatically ingesting and creating proxy versions of shoot footage in the cloud as it’s being uploaded to the central storage system. This means that media is immediately available to be worked on from any location, so long as you have an internet connection.

Forscene’s integrated structure allows camera operators to add raw footage to the editor instantly. Account holders can then log in to the same Forscene account and comment directly on the timeline, or use the live chat function to feedback to the editor. This is perfect for projects with vast crews around the globe that demand a collaborative environment. Any sequences can then be exported as an AAF to Avid or Premiere Pro for the final edit.

If you’re interested in employing Forscene into your selfie TV show, get in touch with a product specialist today.

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