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Forscene features in Top Production Tech survey

Being one of the top production tech platforms has its pros and cons (well, more pros really…)

Pro – we’re on the cutting edge of technology and have developed a set of powerful editing tools completely in-house. Con – Forscene was first developed back in 2004 before anyone had even heard of the cloud. It was like this mythical creature people were afraid to look at, let alone consider using on their productions. Pro – twelve years later and Forscene is considered a fully-fledged cloud-based NLE, being used on over 120 productions every month, across long-form, news and sports. Pro – this month we featured in Televisual’s Top Production Tech survey, which looks at everything from the latest trends in camera equipment, to virtual reality and editing platforms. Forscene sits proudly in the “do you use a cloud-based remote editing system?” section – ranking just behind Adobe Anywhere.

Televisual surveyed a pool of 116 production professionals from a range of industries and disciplines to assess the Top Production Tech of 2016. Whilst we’re not surprised that Forscene features at 7% of those using cloud editing platforms, what interests us more is the 36% of those surveyed who said they would consider using a cloud-based editor in the next 12 months. That’s the highest it’s been in the industry and excites us that remote working and collaboration are becoming the norm and people want to take their productions in to the cloud.

We live in an “always connected” world where we can get what we want and need almost instantly, and why should the way we work be any different? Most companies use cloud-based software like Google Drive and Dropbox to save time by making work more efficient, so why not apply the same to your video productions?

We have a secure cloud infrastructure that will enhance your production – whether it’s in news, sports or long-form post. Get in touch with a product specialist today and see what Forscene could do for you.



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