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8 out of top 10 production companies use Forscene

Late last year, Televisual magazine published the Top 100 Independent Production Companies report and the Peer Poll, which is a compilation of the most respected and admired production companies as voted for by their contemporaries. You can see the full lists by clicking on the links above – what we’re looking at in this week’s blog are which of these production companies are using Forscene.

Now what’s exciting is that 8 out of the top 10 production companies from the Peer Poll use Forscene in their workflows – Love Productions, Twofour, The Garden, Windfall, Studio Lambert, Raw TV, Keo Films and Wall to Wall. These companies make popular UK television programmes like Gogglebox, The Voice UK, Who Do You Think You Are?, The Great British Bake Off and Gold Rush. It might be just to log rushes, store media, for review and approval, or a combination of these tasks – the point is Forscene has the right features and is versatile enough to be used every which way.

top 10 production companies

The flexibility of the cloud

Moving to video production in the cloud has not been a speedy changeover – production companies haven’t switched to it overnight. There are a lot of debates around reliability and security of editing in the cloud (and if you’re someone who is sat on the fence you should give this article a read!). I’m not going to give a lecture on how with the right infrastructure it is safe though, but I am an advocate for it.

top 10 production companies

Cloud-based video production with Forscene is useful to production companies because it allows for multiple account users and easy sharing of clips. There’s a comment track for review, as well as a private chat window for quick communication. You have control of your account with visibility and role management, so users can only see or use certain features in the editor. And this is just naming a few of the things Forscene can do – I haven’t even mentioned the advanced editing features yet and I need a megaphone to tell you how great it is for working globally (but I shall save these for other posts)!

We’re proud to be used by some of the biggest production companies in the UK and hope that our relationships with them continue to grow as new and improved features are developed.

If you’re a user of Forscene and have something to add about how you use it, then leave us a comment or tweet us @forscenepro.


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