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Bridge Digital: A Forscene reseller

The fact that some of the nicest people in the world come from Nashville, and I am at heart a musician (aren’t all editors?!), is always a glowing reason to visit this music city. However, my most recent visit was all about our wonderful reseller Bridge Digital.

Richie Murray leads the team, which is comprised of brilliant IT, support, sales and presentation professionals. They specialise in software and hardware for media focused applications, designed for both the creative and IT framework. This includes playback and ingest streaming server installations, networking, as well as phonetic search just to name a few of the product types they represent. Bridge Digital has been a Forscene reseller for 2 years now and one thing is clear: they are well respected among the vendors and suppliers alike.

Bridge Digital has strong relationships with several US TV stations, which makes them a perfect fit for distributing Forscene. As Richie says of our cloud based editor: “Personally, I like the way Forscene is able to work alongside an existing video production workflow, no matter what system is in place. The ability to view, log, edit and publish using video content captured and stored with the customer’s existing infrastructure is incredibly powerful.”

I work quite closely with Richie and his team and it’s really beneficial for us to have resellers around the world, to help support clients locally if they need it. It’s not just about the language barriers we can face in some countries, as Chris recently explained in his recent blog post, but it’s also about having resellers with in-depth knowledge of a specific aspect of the industry that helps us to bring Forscene to more people.


I was fortunate enough to present our cloud-based professional editor, Forscene, at the Bridge Digital open house event, hosted at the City Winery in downtown Nashville. It was immediately evident that music is not the only reason to visit. Studios, national broadcasters, independent production companies, producers, as well as a host of major media and IT vendors attended the two sessions I presented at. Forscene stood out as the most unique product that Bridge Digital represents in the live ingest to post-production workspace. My presentation focused on specifically the ability to grab live streams from any infrastructure, quickly clip and edit the media, and perform a cloud conform push to any social platform. Based on immediate swarms that gathered after my presentation, asking me to repeat the demo, Forscene was clearly a unique and relevant cloud-editing platform that complements our mature long format offering. As a music producer said to me at the conclusion of my presentation, “Forscene is music to my ears”.

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