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Buy It, Fix It, Sell It: a Forscene case study

Since its inception, Frantic Films has had a reputation for creating outstanding programming for a global audience. In addition to its success in Canada and the U.S., Frantic’s award-winning TV series, features and documentaries have sold to more than 180 countries worldwide.

Some of their productions include lifestyle programs, Til Debt Do Us Part (over 100 episodes produced), the hit Food Network series Pitchin’ In and The Opener, and Buy It, Fix It, Sell It for HGTV.

Last Fall, when Frantic Films was introduced to Forscene, they knew that it would be perfect to utilise for the production of the second series of Buy It, Fix It, Sell It. I spoke with Stephanie Fast, Post Production and Operations Manager, and John MacKinnon, Lead Assist on the show in Toronto about their experience in this Forscene case study:

About Stefanie Fast:

As Post Production and Operations Manager, Stephanie is responsible for post-production of all programs and the management of Toronto facilities and IT needs. She has successfully overseen delivery of many award-winning programs, coordinating with the production and post-production teams working in Frantic Films’ 16 edit suites in Winnipeg and Toronto.

About Buy It, Fix It, Sell It

A trio of top professional ‘fixers’ battle for the best junk at auction, then transform it and try to sell it for big profits.


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