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Forscene could be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for in your sports production. This week we have a series of posts that focus on the benefits of incorporating Forscene’s cloud-based technology into your sports workflow. After looking at how editor’s can work anywhere in the world, this second post explores distributing content via multiple channels.

Publish from live feeds as soon as they’re ingested

Live feeds ingested straight into Forscene are available to use almost immediately, so you can start using the content moments after it has been captured on camera. This enables sub-clips to be published quickly, which is highly beneficial to the fast-pace of sports workflows. In addition, Forscene can also handle integrated graphics, so you can create complex highlights packages from the ingested content.

Work in a single-post production platform

Forscene has a host of finishing tools that can be used on content before final distribution. You can take advantage of Forscene’s many features such as colour correction, graphic or video overlays and audio editing, so the final video can be produced from one platform. This is beneficial to sports content to ensure rapid turnaround in the most efficient way possible.

Publish onto several platforms

The advanced technology of Forscene means once you have edited your clips together you can choose to export the media in a variety of ways. You can publish straight to a web page, export an MPEG of the sequence, or publish it straight to a third party platform. In addition, you can take the same sequence, or repurpose the content, and republish it to other platforms very easily. Moreover, you can also create “special” publishing buttons that are exclusive to you, where the video can be distributed to several outputs just by dragging and dropping on to one button – this is a feature available in the Forscene MAM.

As you can see, the professional video editing software has developed into a standout product for sports workflows, ensuring that your content will always be the highlight. Check out some of our success stories with leading clients T3 Media, IMG and the above video from deltatre. For more information, book a meeting with a product specialist to find out more about using Forscene.


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