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Collaboredit: Forscene at BVE Expo 2016

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I decided to start this blog post with a video, because it sums up what we’re presenting at this year’s BVE Expo. Taking place at the Excel Centre in London from 23-25 February, BVE brings together video production professionals and companies from around the UK (and some from Europe, too). Forscene will be on stand M30 on a bigger pitch than in previous years, as we incorporate an on-stand presentation area, where we’re inviting specially selected clients and partners to speak about cloud editing with Forscene. A full list of these sessions will be announced nearer to the show. We’re also hosting a panel in the Post Production Theatre on 23rd February from 16:20 to 17:00, looking at practical ways to make the most of cloud-based remote editing systems with advice from leading post-production teams.

But I digress – you’re probably reading this wondering what on earth collaboredit is all about. Well, essentially it’s bringing together collaboration and editing and as we have always been the leaders in cloud editing, we thought we’d highlight the fact that Forscene is redefining post-production with innovative workflows and powerful features. From multicut to socialish (see definitions below), we see a need for a new language for the innovative workflows in post-production with Forscene.

Our latest Forscene release demonstrates this and is coming to a Forscene near you on 8th February. But if you’re not already using Forscene, never fear, as you can also book a demo with a product specialist at BVE, to learn more about how Forscene could enhance your workflow.


Collaboredit [kuh-lab-uh-red-it]
To work together to create a video edit

Multicut [muhl-tee-kuht]
To edit together multicam clips

Socialish [soh-shuh-lish]
To export edited video straight to a social media account (i.e. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter)

Streamcut [streem-kuht]
To edit live stream of footage as it is uploaded to the cloud

Reproview [ri-proo-vyoo]
To review and approve video by adding comments directly on a timeline

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