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Editing time waster: reviewing video

Now, before I’m crucified for this outlandish title, please allow me to explain. Of course reviewing video edits is a very important part of the editing process, but the way in which it is carried out can be very time consuming.

As we outlined in our overview of top video editing time wasters organising client review sessions can be quite difficult, as the director’s, producer’s and editor’s schedules never align. There is also the high costs of renting edit suites for these sessions, so using a cloud-based product, like Forscene, would be cost effective, as well as a time saver. Moreover, getting edits to the production crew in the first instance when they’re based in different locations is also time consuming. Setting up FTPs and loading footage onto it, or burning everything to a DVD or hardrive is a laborious task. Yes, there are runners and junior crew to do these things, but regardless of who carries out this chore, its still a time waster on the overall production.

And then there are times when you think you’ve finished an edit job and you get a list of corrections from the client, meaning you have to re-align the music to accommodate the extra 10 seconds of footage that needs to be added right in the middle of the video (deep breaths, it’s a painful memory)!

Simple video reviewing

Now this isn’t just a rant, as there is a solution available: Forscene allows for multiple users to access an account, meaning your director and producer can be reviewing your edits as they happen. Don’t panic just yet though editors, as this doesn’t mean crew members can come and re-order your edits. With Forscene you can set different access levels, so they would only be able to comment on edits on the timeline, not touch them. There is also the ability to send clips to people who aren’t Forscene users, via the Tasks function. With this feature, you simple drop a clip on to the button in the navigation panel in the interface and enter the email address of the person who you want to send it to.

If you want to know more about these simple and easy features that will make your editing workflow smoother and faster then book a demo with a Product Specialist today.

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