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Editing time waster: video rendering

We previously brought you a blog on our top video editing time wasters and said we would follow up with individual posts on the topics. First up: video rendering.

We put this top of our list because it is hands down the number one bug-bear all editors, videographers, or anyone who has done any kind of video editing, hates to deal with. You’ve spent hours working on an edit and you then have to wait for an age as it renders from the editing application. Or, even more frustratingly, you do the above, and then someone spots an error and you have to re-edit and render it again! It can be very, very annoying.

Some people may not mind the rendering process, as it gives them an opportunity to do something else; the only catch being that this cannot be anything on your computer or laptop, because the rendering process requires so much CPU that doing other activities just slows it down even further.

There is a silver lining to this post though, as Forscene doesn’t require any rendering. Yes, you read that right: no video rendering. This is because the professional video editing software uploads low-resolution proxies of your footage, enabling you to edit the content together before some NLEs have even finished importing rushes. When you publish a video, it relinks with the hi-res, so no one would even know you were editing in the cloud…

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