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Forscene could be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for in your sports production. This week we have a series of posts that focus on the benefits of incorporating Forscene’s cloud-based technology into your sports workflow. To begin with, three reasons as to how Forscene enables editors to work from anywhere in the world:

  1. Forscene only requires an Internet connection, as the professional video editing software runs on Java from any browser. This is particularly beneficial to sports productions, as events usually take place in a distant, usually international, location from where your office is. Integrating Forscene into your workflow means your editors can remain in London, whilst the action is taking place in LA. Not needing to take an expansive team of editors to the event saves you money on travel and accommodation.
  1. Editors can also benefit from using Forscene’s internal chat system to enhance collaboration with other team members in different locations. Being able to talk directly to colleagues in a private chat window within the Forscene platform means issues can be discussed quickly. There’s also a window for support chat, where queries can be put to Forscene team members and answered in real-time – ensuring your production stays on track.

  1. The Forscene editor is also feature-rich, allowing you to put together simple rough cuts or complex highlight packages with graphics and overlays. Transitions, titles and fades can be added straight to the clips, as well as more advanced tools like colour correction. And because everything is in the cloud, editors can spend their morning working in the office, then pick up the editing from home in the evening, which is really useful for when the event is happening in different time zone(s).

So to ensure your sports production is always the highlight, book a meeting with a product specialist today to find out more about including Forscene in your workflow.

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