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What happens when you show Forscene to editors for the first time?

Meet us at BVE

Forscene is traditionally known as a logging and review tool, enabling productions to save money by reducing the time taken in post-production. More recently though, we have expanded our professional video software to be an editor too, and it has been used by edit-producers and edit-directors to speed up the edit process. They can be viewing and logging material and creating rough cuts in Forscene, and they don’t even need to be in the same location as the editor, when time is of the essence!

Yet, as is the nature of our business, being a technology company, we’ve taken further steps to make Forscene an actual NLE, albeit one that is truly in the cloud. To that end, we recently held an event for editors in Soho, where we introduced them to Forscene for the first time. Some had used Forscene in years gone by, some had seen their edit-producers use it in an edit suite, and some had never even heard of us. We had demonstration pods and discussions around the use of Forscene and how they could envision it being used. Watch the video below for their reactions after the evening came to a close:

At BVE next week, we’ll be showcasing the strength of Forscene during our Editing Masterclass speaking session in the Post Production Theatre on Tuesday 23rd February from 16:20 – 17:00. Make sure you get there early to grab your seat, as we’ll be putting on a live demonstration of our collaboredit workflow, with Neil Roberts at the show and Jeff Krebs in Canada!

We’ll also be hosting speaking sessions on our stand (M30) so be sure to drop by at the following times to learn more about Forscene and how it can be applied to your production or company:

Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th
11:00 – Forscene on The Island: a remote workflow
12:00 – The editor’s cheat-sheet
14:00 – Master edit-prep in 10 easy steps
15:00 – What is collaboredit?

Tuesday 23rd
16:20 – 17:00 – Cloud Editing Masterclass: Heightening Capability

Thursday 25th
11am – The Edit Director’s take on Forscene: a guest presentation from Matt Born & Jo Woolf at DVTalent.

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