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The simplicity of Forscene: edit anywhere

Although some of you may have already met me through the videos I produced for Forscene at NAB, allow me to formally introduce myself: I’m Bonnie Laufer, the new Marketing Consultant for Forscene. I am based in Toronto, Canada and will be working closely with Jeff Krebs (North American Regional Manager), The North American Reseller Channel as well as with the dynamic Forscene Marketing team based in London.

I have been working as an Entertainment Journalist/Producer in Canada for over 25 years and have had the opportunity to interview thousands of celebrities during my career. I have also produced countless news and entertainment stories for both broadcast and print.

edit anywhere

Why Forscene? For as long as I can remember I have always been averse to physically editing my own stories. I come from a news background so I always had an editor at my side to push the buttons. I know what I want and am the master of the paper edit, but when it came to executing, I’d leave it to the pros.

In this world of constant updated technology I knew that things were going to have to change. Then I was introduced to Forscene and it was love at first sight. My fears instantly disappeared after my first demonstration. So I immediately took the next step. I logged in, uploaded my data and was immediately on my way.

To be honest, what thrilled me the most was how easy it was. By the end of the first day I had actually competently edited my first story and this, coming from a gal who absolutely refused to learn how to physically edit for more than 25 years is a HUGE endorsement. Furthermore, what I love most about Forscene is that as long as you have your laptop or tablet and WIFI accessibility, you can edit anywhere! How convenient!!

The NAB experience was phenomenal. I spent hours on the show floor shooting video footage and conducting interviews with resellers, Forscene partners, people who were treated to one on one demos, and potential clients. At the end of each busy day I was able to upload all of the footage and interviews I shot to my Forscene account and then return to my hotel room to edit a daily story. Heaven! Every evening a fresh video of the day’s events was ready and sent directly to YouTube for the world to see.

Working with the Forscene team at NAB gave me the chance to see them in action and all I can say is that I am excited to be on board to see what the future holds. My goal is simple: to help spread the word on this amazing software.


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