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Forscene opens up prospects for Higher Education Institutions

Forscene is one of the leading cloud-based post-production platforms. Traditionally, it has been seen as a viewing and logging tool and the software is proving its value as an editor on broadcast projects including The Voice and Gold Rush. Most importantly, within the Education sector, well-known Universities such as Northumbria University and Ravensbourne have embraced the Forscene workflow.

Cloud-based video production with Forscene is useful to the Higher Education sector because it allows for multiple account users and easy sharing of clips. There’s a comment track for review, as well as a private chat window for quick support communication. Students can chat amongst themselves and discuss the direction of a particular edit or simply tell each other where to find or share certain rushes within their grouped account. You have control of your account with visibility and role management, so users can only see or use certain features in the editor. Using Forscene gives students a good introduction to the media industry, as they learn the fundamentals of logging, editing, review and search in an easy to use platform.

When students make that vital decision of selecting a particular College or University, it normally leans on what the course entails or whether it has the right resources, skills and training to equip them for a successful career upon graduation. Due to a high number of quality courses provided by renowned Higher Education Institutions, lecturers and course leaders are always looking to teach and equip students with intuitive, innovative and cutting edge tools. As a widely used Cloud-based Editing Platform in industry, Forscene seamlessly bridges the gap between learning the craft of editing and flexibility, whilst dispensing that knowledge.

Feedback from Higher Education Institutions

• “Forscene has proven to be a flexible, indispensible tool for teaching media students about video editing, and an integral part of our real-world approach to education” James MacDonald Associate Lecturer, Northumbria University
• “The students are still in awe that they can edit anywhere and anytime with Forscene as long as they have access to a web browser” Steve Keeler Director of Telecommunications and Electronic Media Programs, State University of New York (SUNY)

Also check out this video case study from Ravensbourne:

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