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Jo Woolf delivering essential training for Edit Producers with Forscene

 Award-winning TV professional Jo Woolf runs courses in edit producing for several organisations, including DV Talent, Indie Training Fund, the Channel 4 Production Trainee Scheme, and Birkbeck University.

Jo’s one-day courses are an introduction to the sought-after role of Edit Producer. As an increasingly conventional role in factual television, the Edit Producer comprehensively works with an Editor to view and collate hours of footage and then craft it into a finished show.

Getting professionals started

Jo uses Forscene as an important module in her courses and shows trainees how to view, log and make edit pulls on the platform. “Forscene is still the most user-friendly platform for Edit Producers out there. It is great for simultaneously viewing and logging rushes, which considerably cuts down the period of time needed in the edit. The platform is accessible via the internet so rushes can be viewed at home or on shoots – not just in the edit suite. It is also easy to move pulls from Forscene into Avid – so perfect for collaboration between Edit Producer and Editor.”

Jo also notes: “Forscene is very flexible and user-aware. On my courses, I show my trainees the way I use the platform, and then after acquainting themselves they introduce me to new tools and shortcuts they’ve discovered.”

Growing lasting careers

While being a widely used platform in television and media industries, Forscene works with media production training providers to prepare emerging professionals for the evolving broadcast industry. In working with Forscene, trainees have a flexible learning experience with long-term career benefits.

Enoch Sameke, Support Manager at Forscene says: “It’s always a pleasure to work with Jo and media industry training organisations. Her work demonstrates how vital Forscene is in trainees’ development while it is becoming a standard skill across the industry. Jo’s training shows how easy it is upskill early career professionals to get started with cloud-based editing. With a little bit of training and our intuitive interface, trainees are soon on their way.”

For details of Jo Woolf’s future courses, please contact Forscene or Jo on LinkedIn, Facebook or Talent Manager.



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