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Should video professionals give up on CPD training?

Earlier this year we carried out a survey of video production professionals on “All About Time” to see what issues those working in the industry are facing when it comes to time to complete projects, time to learn new technology and working overtime. We’ve already released a couple of blogs that look at some of these issues in depth – namely ‘why you’ve got no production time and what you can do about it’ and ‘is new technology helping or hindering the video industry?’

Is there any time for CPD training anymore?

One of the biggest issues that came up time and time again in the survey was the problem of wanting to do more CPD training but not being able to afford it. Whether it’s learning new tech, going on management courses or completing advanced skills, there are many different aspects to CPD training. A lot of the respondents to our survey felt stung by the fact that they’re expected to complete training outside of work; with 44.4% stating they struggle to find the time and 35.9% not being able to cover the costs.   

So with this in mind, how do professionals keep up with developments in the video industry if they’re not doing CPD training? Most of those that we surveyed find out about new technology advancements by networking with industry peers (73.9%) and by reading trade publications (57.1%). Interestingly though, less than half the respondents (43.7%) said that they learn new technology by attending trade shows and exhibitions – perhaps a telling sign that these markets are saturated and overcome with so much tech that people don’t know where to begin or what to look at? Perhaps a discussion for another time.

Is online training the answer?

Back to the issue of not having enough time for CPD training; an alternative to attending courses is the emergence of online training to learn about new technology and skills. This takes away travelling time to get to courses and spending whole consecutive days dedicated to training as they can often be completed at a pace you want. Employers may also be more inclined to cover the costs too, if you’re willing to complete the course in your own time.

What do you think? Do you struggle to fit CPD training into your schedule? See the full results of our survey here.

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