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Forscene at IBC 2017 – here’s what’s in store

Anticipation for IBC 2017 is heating up and #TeamForscene is already revving the engine. Sparks have been flying in the Forscene lab over the last few months and we just can’t wait to unveil the results!

Technology licensing

For the first time, Forscene technology can be licensed to transform video production potential. Forscene’s flexible licensing models enable media broadcasters to add powerful cloud capabilities to existing video workflows or to build their own proxy infrastructure. This provides direct benefits of faster content publishing and cost savings through superior remote use capabilities.

Forscene will introduce:

  • The JavaScript infrastructure strategy, including the developments of VidLib, Player, frame-accurate Clipper and Editor in JavaScript
  • Blackbird 9 – 4x better compression rate, 1/4 the data rate and 4x faster playback

Forscene platform

Two key areas have been upgraded for Forscene to continue leading as the world’s most advanced cloud video platform. With the released updates, it is now possible to access, edit and distribute content faster than ever before; and furthermore, the platform has never been more adaptable to fit into different industry workflows.

At IBC, Team Forscene will be revealing:

  • ‘Faster than Live’ – the fastest live editing and digital distribution workflow in the world
  • Updated integrations with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, AWS Elemental and Brightcove

Innovative, must-see workflows

Since the previous IBC, Forscene has recognised the need to offer fast live-clipping and publishing to Twitch for the growing eSports industry which attracts tens of millions watching live events online.

The rise of digital video consumption has highlighted the importance for brands to find innovative ways of engaging audiences. Forscene has endeavoured to support video marketing strategies such as incorporating user-generated video content (UGC) into digital marketing workflows.

With this in mind, Forscene has built 2 new innovative workflows:

  • The eSports workflow
  • The UGC workflow

To be one of the first to see the new work in action, book a meeting with us at IBC.



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