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Forscene’s newest recruit is all about content creation

Hi I’m Grace, and I’m the newest member of the Forbidden Technologies team. I will be working in the marketing team across all three brands but focusing my time on Forscene in my new role as Content Executive.

I have joined Forbidden from one of the leading advertising agencies in the UK, with a background in video and design. Although advertising was a great chapter for me, content creation is where I see an exciting future. At University I was taught the importance of storytelling and how we have to adapt our techniques in this new web 2.0 generation in order to engage properly with audiences. Some research found that for a video of 4 – 5minutes, fewer than 60% of viewers would still be watching it by the end – against 75% of viewers for a 1-2 minute video. This is what excites me so much about Forscene, as live streaming video can be inputted and edited and exported all online, just 40 seconds behind real time. This means these short videos are accessible to audiences globally in a time frame faster than ever before.

My first week at Forscene has been so much fun, I’ve been helping out with video concepts, new PR campaigns and started working on a new promo video to explain exactly why Forscene is so great for the industry.

In my opinion there have been three initial stages that have contributed to such rapid growth within the industry, and we are currently entering the fourth. Tim Berners Lee created the Internet, which gave people access to information globally. Then we had hyperlinks to organise and link information together across the web. Following this we had the social media phenomenon – connecting people globally on a scale never seen before. Finally, we are all currently teething our way into an entirely new era of ‘the cloud’, a mysterious digital space that holds the future for all industries; which obviously Forscene has got covered.

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