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3 Post-Event Tactics to Wow Music Fans

You’ve put on a great, sold-out music gig to thousands of excited fans. The music has finished, the band is packing up… is the excitement is really over? It doesn’t have to be! Here are three post-event strategies to keep you’re fans hyped for more.

  • Behind-the-scenes video 

Fans go absolutely crazy for exclusive behind-the-scenes content. It’s getting the glimpse of the human side of performers that is exhilarating. Reward your social media followers with exclusive videos of the making of your show. With a cloud video editor you can piece together the best bits of what happens off stage. You’ll see the results as your fans will react and share the video with their friends. Every share of your video increases your exposure as the video reaches fresh audiences.

  • Live video streams

Live video is becoming as popular as ever with major events such as the Super Bowl LI. It even has a powerful marketing appeal as 82% of social media audiences prefer live video from a brand to conventional posts. Luckily, it’s becoming even easier to share your own live streams from mobile devices. Why not stream post-event moments with your musicians? Perhaps they’re writing new material or answering quick-fire questions. Whatever the content, it will attract fans to your pages for video they can’t get anywhere else.

  • User-generated video content

Because how better to engage with fans than video interaction? ‘Selfie’ videos have become a popular way of sharing opinions on everything from lunch boxes to trending artists. Collect videos from collaborating fans to create great, relatable promotional videos. Don’t sweat – getting rights to user-generated content doesn’t have to be difficult. There are so many ways – from running social media incentives to building official apps. Once you have all your fan-generated content archived in one place, you can edit them into a captivating branded video.

Here at Forscene, we’re dedicated to helping companies exploit their video content. Get in touch with our team to find out how Forscene can help maximise your fan engagement.



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