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How to captivate your music fans with social media

If you’re running a record label, PR company or events venue, social media should be top in your strategy plan for interacting with fans. With social media, you’re connecting with consumers – whether it’s announcing a next album release, or publishing listings of gig dates. It’s an essential tactic for fan engagement. So how about bringing video into it too?

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and the third most visited site after Google and Facebook. What does that tell you? People love to watch, comment and share videos with their friends and followers. Video is powerful.

Social media for record labels

For a record label, video content is a vital way to grow your brand. If you have an established presence on YouTube, you’re essentially showcasing all of your assets. However you need other social media engagement for further exposure. Creating short promos and teaser videos for new songs and albums is a great way to hype up fans before release dates. There is also a growing trend of record labels engaging with rising social media stars as their key influencers. These are people who have made a name for themselves by vlogging or posting other self-promotion content on Instagram and YouTube. Getting them to endorse your band or artist will instantly result in a fresh flock of new fans following their direction.

Social media for music PR companies

An imaginative and well-executed PR strategy can do wonders for a musician or band. The advent of social media in the last decade has made it a lot easier for PR companies to reach fans, but the quality and tone of message has to be performed right. A lot of your time is spent tailoring content to each social channel. Due to the demand for video content, it now has a solid place across all social media platforms. This potentially makes your job easier, and guarantees immediate reactions from fans. There’s no such thing as bad PR, right!

Social media for event venues

Venues can capitalize on social media by posting behind-the-scenes videos featuring the latest performers. This type of content is a fan favourite, giving your venue a new edge and putting it out on the map. On social media, the more reactions your content gains, the more it gets circulated. It’s the pinnacle of voyeurism, showing the reality behind the show. It gives fans the sense that they are getting to know the real humans behind the name, as well as being great promotional video for your business.

Do it all in the cloud

If your business has already got a lot of digital assets, you’ve probably heard of cloud storage and you’re most likely even using it. Cloud storage is a great way to access everything from multiple locations and devices. But even so, here’s a question for you. If you wanted to make a striking video for social media, how long would it take you to find everything you need, edit it and then upload it to Facebook? You can stop sweating now. Forscene is a professional video editor based on a cloud platform, and it’s a huge time-saver. In the Forscene cloud you can archive, edit and distribute videos across social media in minutes – yes, I really did say minutes – regardless of your internet connection, on any device. It has been used by top sports broadcasters and TV production companies and dramatically improved their workflow.

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