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Are you engaging with your fans for your live events?

If you’re an organiser of live events you might put fan engagement low on your priority list, believing that it will happen naturally. And to some extent it does. However, the rise of social media has accelerated how fans interact with one another, as well as with brands and organisations. Fans are driven by compelling content and 92% of mobile video consumers share video with their friends online. So if you’ve got tickets to sell, you don’t want to limit yourself online.

Images are out, videos are in

If you want to be top of your game and make sure that your live events are the most talked about – get fans to share your videos. Video on social media now generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Now let that sink in. Drop the captioned pictures and instead create a video announcing your next competition or big news. Fans will respond and share your video with their friends and followers, putting your live events on the map.

And it’s not just a case of simply sharing YouTube links anymore. If you upload a video straight to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, these platforms now have the autoplay function. This means that your videos will play automatically in timelines as your followers scroll over them. It’s the perfect tool for sharing thumb-stopping promos to increase interest in your live events.

Go behind-the-scenes

If there’s one type of video fans love the most, it’s behind-the-scenes video. This is also a great way to engage with fans both during and after your live events. If you’re producing a music gig and there’s a break in between sets, hype it up with pre-recorded videos of what’s happening off stage. By using a cloud-based editing platform, you can produce professional video content that fans will be eager for. Stream your live content from previous sets or cut together sequences of the footage quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, use your social platforms after the live events to promote hot, exclusive content.

Monetise live events video content

ROI – that’s your bottom line. It’s actually been proven that organisations using video content grow their company revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. So with live events being a prime market to make lots of visual content from, video is a revenue generating tool you need to exploit. It creates more organic traffic from search engines to your live events pages, driving fans to your social media accounts for further content.

Give it a try and watch those tickets fly! Forscene is the leading cloud video platform for uploading, editing and distributing professional video content. Designed by professional video editors, it has been used by TV and sports broadcasters worldwide. Get in touch with a Forscene product specialist to find out what Forscene can do for your live events.



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