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New Sales Manager Joins Forscene Commercial Team

“And this…” my Media Studies teacher said proudly, as he opened the cupboard to reveal two dusty VCR players connected to two old televisions, “…is the edit suite!”

“Wow…” I whispered in excitement.

“Just try not to press the ‘Pause’ button too much – you’ll wear out the heads…”

My first experience of editing, back at secondary school, leaves a lot to be desired in today’s media industry. The arrival of NLE systems when I was at university and the transition to tapeless workflows once I entered the industry as a professional, have forever changed the way media is created.

My name is Jem Parks, and I’ve recently joined the fantastic team at Forbidden Technologies as a Sales Manager for the EMEA region. Over the past several years I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the most talented post production teams in the industry, including BSkyB’s Production Services and post houses like Clear Cut Pictures and Molinare, amongst others.

My time in the industry has shown me that technology never stops moving things forward and improving the workflows for those involved. As the time between camera and screen becomes increasingly crucial, so too do the tools and systems used to create and manage great content.

For me, Forscene is the next evolution in post-production workflows. The freedom to remotely access an edit from anywhere, anytime, opens up incredible possibilities for all kind of productions – especially in sports, news and broadcast. The time and cost saving implications of this kind of cloud-editing are really astonishing. As is the potential for collaboration between teams.

Whether it’s ingest, logging, editing, reviewing, publishing or distributing, Forbidden Technologies are here to provide comprehensive support for your workflow.

Having seen other cloud products on the market, I know how important it is to be working on a robust, secure and functional platform that has proven success within the industry. The fact that Forbidden lists deltatre, IMG, BBC and ITV amongst our clients shows just how quickly the industry is recognising the value of bringing us on-board.
I’m extremely excited to be part of this innovative team. Please get in touch with us today and let us show you what Forscene can do for you.



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