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Enhance your sports edit workflow with this easy solution

The world is moving forward and faster than ever! With the speed of content delivery following suit. Consumers have limitless choice when choosing who to view there sports from. The race for releasing content at fast speed with great quality is on. The companies who are willing to learn and adapt their sports edit workflow get ahead, and the ones who don’t, get left at the starting line.

It’s time to change the game

When was the last time you analyzed your sports edit workflow? If you can’t answer that question, then it’s time you do. You need speed, you need flexibility and you need efficiency. Instead of having a time consuming sports edit workflow with many moving parts, how about a workflow based around one product which you can use to log, review, archive, ingest, publish and professionally edit. That product is here.

The strength forscene

Forscene can immediately save you time and energy on your sports edit. If you’re planning on editing a live stream, Forscene has your back. It directly connects to your live stream, and ingests the content to the cloud. You can start your sports edit almost immediately. Once it’s ready to distribute, you can do it straight from Forscene, to almost any channel, in any format. And no, this isn’t a clip and share product. It’s a full fledged NLE editor, which most of the capabilities of other commercial editing suites. With Forscene, you’re guaranteed to save time, energy and avoid stress.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can score with a new and improved sports edit workflow, get in touch with us today.

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