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How to get longevity out of your sports fan engagement

A sports fan is defined as “an enthusiast for a sports team, an athlete, sports organisation or specific sport”. Some sports fans remain loyal for life, sticking by their favourites through every win, defeat and triumph. Yet the new digital era has agitated sports fan loyalty.

As fans and athletes alike are increasingly active on social media, their relationship is closer and more fragile. Yesterday’s hero on the sports field may today be fighting back critics after a careless tweet or controversial photograph. Don’t let trolls affect your engagement with your fans. In the new social world where fans follow everything their favourite stars are up to, you need to build longevity for your brand. Whether your brand is an athlete or sports team – generating passion around your brand on social media will ensure your sports fan base stays devoted. And how better to do this than through the power of mobile video content.

The power of video

Did you know that YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network? In other words, mobile video content is the best medium for building a lasting relationship with your fans. This is great news if you’re using Forscene as part of your workflow. Forscene’s complete video solution means you can create fast edits for promos, GIFs and memes and increase revenue streams. You can edit live feeds, upload video content and store archives in the Forscene cloud where it can all be accessed from any device. Forscene is so much more than just a clip-and-share tool, helping you achieve professionally edited, high quality video content. Once you’ve finished your edit, you can distribute it directly to CDNs and social media platforms.

Take your fans with you on the road

Moreover, the scope of social media means you can grow your fanbase worldwide. Adapting your campaigns to a global outreach is another element to ensuring longevity in your sports fan engagement. Forscene’s built-in closed captioning track lets you add translation captions while you edit, increasing your viewer accessibility. Being a truly cloud-based platform, Forscene also makes video production mobile. Why have an entire social media team following your sports team behind the scenes when you can scale down to one associate with a mobile phone? They can gather your video content while you edit it for distribution back at base. And while using the live chat feature in the Forscene Editor, your marketing team can collaborate effectively in the cloud.

Get in touch

With Forscene’s secure platform you can have more control over your video content – and consequently your brand’s image. If you would like to know more about how to use Forscene for sports fan engagement, get in touch with our team for a free demo today.



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