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Increase engagement with fast turnaround of live content

In today’s digital world, we expect to be able to relive the best moments at the touch of a button. From attending a gig, to seeing our favourite sports team win, many of us like to revisit these experiences, share with our friends and get involved with online commentary. Which is why consumers expect a fast turnaround of this content appearing online.

Build an online fan base using live content assets

As a digital rights holder, you want to be able to deliver a fast turnaround of live content. You want to be able to get highlights on to a web page and post to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as soon after it happens as possible. You also want to be able to archive media for future use in interview clips, “top 10” compilations and post event highlights packages. Having the ability to produce this content with a fast turnaround hugely increases engagement with fans and they’ll keep returning to see your content.

In order to win fans over, you’ll need an editing platform that’s fast and functional and allows you to create incredible live content. Forscene adapts to whatever workflow you already have in place. It’s secure cloud infrastructure makes collaborative editing possible and shortens post-production time considerably.

Forscene’s innovative technology allows for exceptionally fast turnaround

Due to our intelligent download system, you can work on a stream that’s only a few seconds behind the live content. Get fast turnaround with direct publish to social media, as well as integrated closed captions functionality, to put you ahead of your competitors.

Go from live recording to instant recaps and clips being delivered to social media or the web in less than two minutes and before anyone else. Get in touch with a product specialist today and see what Forscene could do for you.

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