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Increase reach with a professional highlights package

The way people consume sports content is evolving. In addition to traditional television broadcast of matches, games and competitions, people are now sourcing content on the Internet and via OTT devices. Often, this is whilst simultaneously watching the live broadcast of their favourite sport – they can be watching highlights packages, engaging with fellow fans on social media, or looking up statistics of the sport they’re following. All this content is readily available online and enables consumers to feel as though they are a part of the action.

Add second screen viewing to your offering

As a sports broadcaster or digital rights holder, your aim is to increase reach to as many fans as possible. With second screen viewing becoming the norm for consumers, getting the right content to them faster is essential in order for you to be top of your game. By creating a professional highlights package to be shared straight to the web or social media as the live action is taking place, you’re ensuring that your content will be seen first.

Maximise your production value to increase reach to fans

Moreover, you need to be able to maximise your production value by producing high quality content that fans will want to share. By adding graphics, transitions and even voice-over to your content, your highlights package will become instantly shareable and a firm favourite amongst sports fans. In addition, if you’re increasing reach to consumers, that will in turn increase your revenue.

We offer an all in one platform to create professional highlights packages of live content, which will help you increase reach to more consumers – get in touch with a Forscene product specialist today for a free demo.

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