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Increase revenue with integrated cloud technology

For generations, sports fans have enjoyed watching classic games and matches from season’s past. Reliving these old sequences will always be a pleasure for lifelong followers of football, golf, boxing and many more. Viewers of other TV genres will also have their own greatest moments of televised history. Users watch old recordings on tape and commemorative DVDs, as well as searching these clips online and through on-demand TV services.

This has been accelerated by today’s climate of OTT content. It’s much easier for fans to track down their favourite clips from television history online, and as a digital rights holder, you can deliver this legacy content to them and increase revenue potential with Forscene at your side.

How can legacy content increase revenue for your business?

Forscene’s innovative cloud-based technology lets you store video in the cloud forever, allowing for an expansive media library of the best content from TV history. Think of Forscene’s cloud storage as an asset that you can monetise to increase revenue. You can also use it to make compilations, create highlight packages and release commemorative video for fans using archived content.

Increase revenue with licensing sales made from resurfacing and repackaging classic footage you’ve captured. Old and evergreen content can be sold to video makers and broadcasters as repurposed video, or licensed to advertisers who will pay for high-quality digital goods.

Let the Forscene cloud become your own searchable content library

Using the Forscene cloud, you can make your video material available for broadcasters to search through according to their needs. You control access to the material and what can be done with it. Approved users can then locate the media they’re looking for and edit using your content. It’s a win-win! To learn more get in touch with a Forscene product specialist today.

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