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Delivering over the top video content to sports fans

The demand for over the top content has risen in the last few years and more and more broadcasters need to think beyond just producing content “in the now”. Fans want to be able to re-watch, share and engage with footage of their favourite sport again and again, on their mobiles, tablets and On Demand TV. To just produce content for live broadcast isn’t enough anymore, especially with the advent of the Internet and social media.

How is Forscene addressing over the top video content?

Forscene is used by a variety of sports clients for different workflows. Lucas Oil Racing TV is one of our newest clients in this sector, using our post-production platform to accelerate ​their workflow on sport productions that need fast turnaround, but are not necessarily suited to live delivery. For instance, sports like Pro Pulling (tractor pulling) and Drag Boat series, both produced by Lucas Oil, have a lot of delays between runs, so streaming the event live would get drawn out and be costly. Using Forscene to edit together the best clips from the live stream and publish to the web, Lucas Oil are able to meet tight deadlines and get their racing content out to eager fans quickly on over the top devices.

For those unfamiliar with Forscene, it is true cloud-based video editing software, enabling remote access and collaboration. Crew members don’t have to be in the same location to use our software, as editors, production managers, directors and producers can all have access to the same account in Forscene. With a sports client like Lucas Oil, using our cloud-based solution means a lot of time is saved on the production of their over the top content, as the footage doesn’t have to be uploaded at the end of the event, but instead is streamed to the cloud throughout the live production.

Get the most out of over the top sports content

The key advantage with using Forscene to produce over the top sports content is the ability for the software to take in a live stream as the action is happening ​and for it to be edited just 3-5 seconds behind live. It can be as simple as taking clips of the content and publishing them straight to the web or social media, or creating full highlights packages with pre-prepared graphics, video overlays, transitions and closed captions. However you want to work, Forscene has a solution for getting your over the top content out quickly.

Moreover, the fear with cloud-based platforms is often not the ability to produce the content at speed, but actually the quality of the output. Whilst Forscene works with proxies of the footage in our editor, it is a high-definition stream that is transcoded in the cloud, which the media then relinks with the original hi-res media on export from Forscene. This takes away any latency and means there is no need for Forscene to render the video – and we all know how much time that can take up!

To find out more information about Forscene’s offering for producing over the top content, get in touch with us today to arrange a demo.

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