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The rise of the second screen in sports content consumption

The landscape of television has changed completely. Sport is really the only thing that we still watch live, with just about everything else being available on demand on your TV, smartphone or tablet. And now there’s a new phenomenon: even when people are in front of the television they are likely to have another device on the go. Be it a phone, tablet or laptop, these devices allow for a “second screen” experience. While viewers consume television content, they also search for additional content online and share opinions via Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.

Who or what is a second screen?

The second screen came about as social media settled into our lives and began offering more useful and entertaining solutions to users. Live-tweeting, for example, became a way for people to engage on a large-scale with others whilst experiencing the same event. Meanwhile, content providers and marketers began distributing media online that people actually wanted to watch and share. Ergo, we began to split our attention between what was happening on the first screen (the television), and the complementary contextual content on the second screen (the companion device).

How can broadcasters make use of the second screen?

Award shows have made use of the second screen by providing users with additional real-time content online; directors have held Twitter Q&As while their film is being broadcast on television and talent shows have allowed viewers to take part by integrating voting on a smartphone.

Offering supplementary online content can improve a brand’s recognition. With sports programming, providers can create second screen coverage of a game using additional camera angles, social elements and by offering fans statistics that are relevant to what’s happening on the pitch. As fans consume the content being offered by both screens simultaneously, this creates an opportunity for marketers to reach fans when they’re most engaged.

How Forscene can help you stay ahead of the curve

Forscene allows you to be there first for fans using a second screen. We get your content out quicker than any other cloud-based platform, so your highlights can be online moments after every key event. And now you can capture high-res footage on-the-go with our Forscene uploader app. Use your smartphone to film with the app and save everything to the cloud for editing. Get in touch to find out more.

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