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Successful Sales Executive and Television Producer join Forscene Commercial Team

We’ve had a busy start to 2016, with two new hires in the Forscene Commercial team – hear first hand the stories of where they come from and how they’re going to help grow Forscene internationally.

Richie Murray, Director of Sales: Americas


‘I started my own business back in 1998 after spending some time working as the digital production manager in a printing company. After finding my feet, I moved the company into broadcast archiving solutions in early 2002 and founded SGL US, INC., which was renamed to Bridge Digital INC., in 2006. I have experience in providing solutions that bridge the gap between incompatible, disparate systems and departments, such as production and IT.

Bridge Digital’s primary objective has been to supply hardware, software and personnel to support the required infrastructure to create, publish and distribute rich media files. How we do that is to understand and work with the customer’s legacy and align their preferences along with their vision of how to achieve future goals.

I became aware of Forscene back in September 2013 when I was looking at cloud based editing solutions. The most compelling reason for me to look at using Forscene was the history of working in broadcast and also new media. What’s so special about the Forscene offering is that it allows for us to give a “future now” solution that integrates with the customer’s legacy and preferences, all at an affordable price point. Moreover, it provides controlled and secure access to rich media assets for creative and delivery processes and allows you to continue to use the hardware and software investments you already own.

I have the privilege to work alongside Jeff Krebs, who brings creative and practical uses of Forscene, in the Americas. I bring expertise on connectivity and on-premise infrastructure, along with the ability and desire to communicate new ways of getting our solution sold.’

Sal De Parres, International Sales Manager

‘As an independent media consultant native to Mexico City, I’ve worked across markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America. For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked as a Television Producer, Business Development Lead, and creative, where my work was mainly in interactive live television and media gamification areas.

I originally got into the video and film industry as a traffic controller, and later ventured into interactive web streaming before this medium really took off. My first experience working in television was in the UK with ATV News, as a live gallery producer. This developed my taste for live entertainment, and I later on discovered interactive game shows where my career thrived, especially in Asia and Latin America.

I’d even describe myself as a record breaker, having set up one of the most successful interactive shows in Brazil, Insomnia. Later I spent the majority of my career developing and selling similar formats of this unrivalled entertainment show in countries like India, Romania, Argentina, Spain and USA – all in I’ve created over 60 original shows around the world!

In 2014, I decided to hang in the format shows towel and go back to my roots, where I set up a business as an independent media consultant, working primarily in sport. In running my own media business I came across Forbidden Technologies and their product Forscene in 2014, and have been following their progress ever since. When I saw Forbidden was recruiting and discussed with them their plans, I immediately applied for the International Sales Manager role. I see a great future here, where I get to introduce people and companies to this unparalleled cloud-based editing software. I also get to embrace my original passion for video production and technology in one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.’

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