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How the cloud is changing post workflows

I’ve been to IBC 10 times since 1999. And, while true veterans will scoff and reminisce about attending the exhibition in Brighton back in the day, I can say that I’ve seen some pretty dramatic changes in the industry over the course of a decade plus – from the first HD screens, to virtual sets, 3D TV, the cloud, 4K and drones. I bought a DVD of a Robbie Williams’ concert shot in HD after seeing a screening in the IBC theatre in 2003 despite hating the music, I was blown away by the picture quality at the time. However I never bought a 3D TV – which is, I’m sure you’ll agree, conclusive evidence of my ability to differentiate between the products that will have a real and lasting effect on our industry and the fads.

It’s one thing to wow the attendees of a trade show with amazing technology, but not all the shiny equipment and software launched at IBC will stand the test of time. That’s why I’m proud to be part of the Forscene team exhibiting at IBC this year. Forscene was launched at IBC in 2004, before anyone had come up with the term “the cloud” and when people thought it was impossible to view – never mind edit – video over the public Internet. But the product has stood the test of time and is now an integral part of post-production workflows for broadcast programming, news, education and sport content across the world.

Staying power is not our only strength though – Forscene is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our users. At IBC this year we’ll be demonstrating some of our significant new developments including dual system audio, multicam editing and expanded social media integration. But what we’re most excited about is our racing simulator. Not because it’s epic (it is) or because I’m going to be top of the leader board (I will, ahead of our Marketing Director) but because we’re using it to demonstrate how Forscene is reinventing production processes with the industry’s first end-to-end virtualised post-production workflow.

We’re inviting IBC visitors to experience the workflow first-hand by competing in a simulated car race, editing the live race footage in Forscene, and then sharing the video on social media – all without the need for any Forscene hardware. And if you can knock me out of first spot on the leaderboard you might even win a prize!

I’m really excited to work for a company that’s pioneering big changes to the way we produce video and to also work with clients that are constantly pushing the boundaries of delivering content in new and engaging ways. We’ve invited some of our clients to share their experience of how the cloud is changing post workflows at the Tech in Action Theatre at IBC. Join us on Saturday at 2:30pm in Hall 3 where I will be hosting a session about how logging, editing, reviewing and/or distributing content in the cloud has redefined post for these production, facility and digital rights content production specialists:


Edurne Bengoa: Head of Post Production MSV Post, Tinopolis Group

With over 20 years in industry, Ed started in production sound then moved to post. She worked at Molinare for 5 years and then the BBC for 9 before joining the Tinopolis group in 2012. Ed runs post facilities in London and Glasgow for Mentorn Media, Pioneer, Firecracker, Sunset+Vine and Passion Distribution.


Pete Burns: Commercial Manager UK, deltatre

Pete works closely with many of deltatre’s Federation and Broadcast clients, including European PGA, Sky Sports, and BBC Future Media, where he oversaw all digital projects for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Pete is responsible for the commercial strategy of deltatre’s video-based products and services, working closely with the product teams.


Gary Bradbury: Technical Manager Princess Post Production, Shine Group

Gary has 10 years experience in the post-production industry at Princess Productions and Evolutions. He runs the day-to-day technical operations at Princess and Shine TV including designing post-production workflows and solutions and managing the support team.

Looking forward to an amazing show, see you there.




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