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Is new technology helping or hindering the video industry?

In the video industry using new technology is unavoidable. There is a constant stream of developments across the sector, from new camera equipment, to the latest advances in video quality, mobile apps to help speed up production and innovation of cloud-based products in storage and editing. One of the biggest issues facing the industry though is how production professionals find the time to learn these new emerging technologies.

Just as was stated in last week’s blog on video production time pressures, again more than 90% of respondents to our survey agreed that it’s essential to keep up with and use new technology in order to be good at their jobs. Despite new technology advancements to streamline workflows and save time, our survey indicates that production professionals are working more overtime – 18.80% almost everyday– and feeling more overwhelmed than ever before; so either the new tech is failing them or they’re not using it. Yet whilst there have been advancements to technology that will save time on production schedules, why aren’t professionals using them?

Is the professional video industry stuck in the dark ages?

OK, so the above may be a bit of a strong statement, but there is an argument that people don’t like change. For example, if you’re an editor who’s been using Avid for the past 18 years, you’ll be less inclined to want to switch platforms, even if there are distinct benefits to doing so in the long run.

In addition, professionals may be under pressure to complete projects on time, but isn’t that just how the industry is? It’s a frantic and exciting sector to be part of, but that’s also the attraction for many. There’s also the argument that when you’re so busy, there’s no time to search for easier and simpler methods to save time on a production. Although 93% of people that we surveyed believe that it is essential to keep up to date with and use new technology, the fact that have no time really does pose a problem.

Should training take place during work hours?

Is it up to employers to make time for their staff to learn? In most companies the answer to this would be “yes” – if you want your staff to develop and grow the company, you need to give them the resources to do so. However, with almost 50% of the respondents we surveyed being freelance, does the argument still stand? As a production company, you don’t want to pay your freelancers to do CPD training on top of their daily fees. Yet, if it’s important to keep up to date with and learn new technology in order to be good at your job, you want to be given that opportunity.

Take a look at the full results of our survey here and let us know how you think new technology is affecting the video industry.

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