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Join The Editing Evolution at NAB 2016



We’ve come a long way from the snip and glue video editing of the 1920’s, but exactly what has changed? Well, we have computers, we have colour, we have digital and of course we have the internet. Video editing is acclaimed for it’s time consuming nature; estimates ranging from 1 minute of footage taking around 7.5 hours of editing time, or up to 10 years of editing for just one film like Avatar.

Living in the world of ‘On Demand’ consumer expectations, consistent live action and updates have never been more important. Consumers don’t want to wait around for content anymore. In order to meet their needs, productions need to adapt to their changing behaviour, finding solutions to keep their content fresh and current. This is why cloud based post-production is so important in the editing evolution, as it cuts back time and creates fast edits that can be exported directly to the web or social media.

To highlight just how far we have come: 1971 saw the first non-linear editor, the CMX 600 launch, which was used for offline editing – where the disk drives were the size of washing machines! We then came to the EditDroid in 1984, a computer workstation that used multiple analog laser-disks to allow random edit access. Then in the late 80s and early 90s Avid and Premiere Pro launched their non-linear film editing software that led to the assembly of professional post-production editing suites. From here, with the help of digital, the software has grown to be more sophisticated. Although our software and hardware have grown to be more refined, the basic structure of workflows remain almost the same as they were over twenty years ago. Finally that brings us back to the present, where technology has never been so advanced: behold the cloud.


At Forscene, we want people to understand the future of cloud editing within the industry. Forscene is revolutionary; we do things differently in a better, faster, and more cost effective way than anyone else in the market. We have over 120 monthly productions using our software for its collaborative logging, editing and distribution features. Editors are able to edit live footage 15 seconds behind real time, creating and exporting content faster than ever before. This groundbreaking technology plays back at full frame rate and in real-time with just a 1.5mb connection, allowing collaborators to edit remotely on location via the cloud.

The editing evolution is driven by consumers and their demands, these demands can be met when using cloud based software such as Forscene. So join us at NAB 2016 in booth SL5305 and find out how the editing evolution can enhance your production. Book an NAB meeting.




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