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Live media ingest and publish to social media

How do you get your live media in front of your audience before your competitors? By using the most advanced platform on the market – enter Forscene. Our professional video editing software enables live media to be ingested and transcoded in the Forscene cloud, arriving in the editor just a few seconds behind the live content.

Once in Forscene, you can then take clips of the live media feed by simply marking in and out, then publish them straight to social media, the web or a CDN – pretty much wherever you need to get the content to. Moreover, as a full NLE in the cloud, Forscene also enables you to create and arrange edits on the timeline, then add pre-prepared graphics or video idents, transitions and text to the sequence.

This workflow is ideal for news broadcasts, where it is essential to get live media content out quickly – we’ve proven that it’s possible to go from live to breaking news in under two minutes with Forscene – but it could also be used for other live events such as sports and music gigs. With Forscene, once the live media content has been edited, you can publish to a range of social media channels, from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, as well as a chosen webpage or a CDN. All of these export options can be easily set up in Forscene and you only need to drag and drop a sequence to your chosen publishing destination – or to multiple locations if you need to get it out to more that one social media channel, for instance!

If you would like to find out more about how to maximise using your live media content in Forscene, get in touch with us by clicking on the book a demo form below.

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