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Say goodbye to video latency when editing in the cloud

Latency is a huge problem in the video editing industry. When loading video gets delayed again and again in your editor, it can really slow down the editing process, almost making it unbearable! When capturing a real-time event, you don’t want there to be a delay in seeing the results of the recording in the editor.

Not convinced? Well it’s an even bigger problem for editors who are part of a remote workflow. Having little to no latency is important because video needs to be uploaded by one person in one location before it can even be downloaded by the editor in another location. This can take hours and slow down production significantly.

Forscene eliminates latency from the video editing process

Forscene was built to enable users to work faster, smarter and in collaboration with one another. We can help you avoid latency by providing a platform that intuitively ingests video files and lets you work across multiple locations, no matter how many users are using the same account.

The Forscene server ingests proxies of your footage that allow you to view and edit your video almost immediately. With next-to-no waiting time, you can record footage in one location and edit at the other end of the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, Forscene only loads the video you need. This means there is essentially no waiting time when watching your content, which decreases latency in your production timeline.

What’s the next step in low latency video editing?

You can say goodbye to latency with Forscene. We use the cloud to store of all your video files, which are viewable to anyone on the Forscene project, on any device around the world. Work in collaboration with your team and edit video quickly using low-res proxies, without any video latency. Sound interesting? Get in touch with a Forscene product specialist to find out more.

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