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Video editing app: Forscene on a tablet

One of the major benefits of Forscene has always been that it runs on almost any hardware. This frees you from being tied to an expensive editing system, as it can run on Mac, Windows or Linux. In fact, any computer from the last 5 years that has Java installed should be capable of running the Forscene editor.

We have now taken this a step further by releasing an app of Forscene that runs on the iPad and Android tablets. This is the complete Forscene editing application, with almost all of the same functionality as the desktop version.

If you are using our Camera-to-Cloud workflow and uploading proxies directly from the cameras, you could have access to the rushes in Forscene just seconds after the action. In the same way with Sports or News media coming from a live stream, you can edit in Forscene just behind the action, which is perfect for cutting highlights packages and compilations. We will be demonstrating this on our stand at IBC, why not stop by for a demonstration?

Of course, as tablets are completely touch screen driven, there are a couple of differences in how you control this video editing app: zoom buttons are replaced by a two fingered pinch and right click is replaced by press and hold. Apart from that, the tablet version of Forscene allows you to view and review, log, sync pull and edit in exactly the same way as the desktop version. You can even export clips using the same publishing settings you have set up for your project.

The only thing that is missing on the iPad version at the moment is the ability to upload media to your project, as of course the iPad won’t be able to access any external media. We plan to add this to a future version. As some Android tablets have a built in card reader you can upload media from the Android version, but of course the speed will depend on your connection type.

As Forscene only needs a 1.5Mb/s connection to work with your media in real-time, it is perfectly possible to work on your tablet using 3G or 4G cellular data connections and of course most Wi-Fi networks would give you enough bandwidth. This means that the Forscene video editing app is a truly portable system that can be used almost anywhere that you can access the Internet.

So now the only thing stopping you from editing on the beach is maybe a parasol to keep the sun off your display!

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