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What’s the Forscene review app all about?

We recently announced that very soon you’ll be able to get even more out of Forscene with our new review app. Currently in the final stages of development for both iOS and Android, the review app is set to be released at the end of 2016. With this new app, you’ll be able to send edits straight from Forscene for review directly to mobile devices, where comments can be added that will then appear on the Forscene timeline in real-time.

Our new review app will enhance collaboration and enable productions to go even more global. Producers and executives no longer need to be in the edit suite to review every single shot for the editor, as they can be making comments on the go. This will make everyone’s lives a lot simpler and will even speed up review on projects. In order to take advantage of the review app, users must already have a Forscene username and password.


Our other big announcement recently was that a new UI for the Forscene virtual ingest server will also be released by the end of this year. Along with the upload app, which enables users to ingest content shot on mobile devices into Forscene immediately, the Forscene platform is growing exponentially with the aim of making your life in production easier.

All of these features will be available for demo at NAB Show New York, where Forscene will be exhibiting on booth 1155. Get in touch with us now to book a meeting at the event.

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