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How to apply motion effects to clips

Find out how to use the different tools in Forscene for motion effects, to create freeze frames, to match frames and for replacing clips.

Transcription of the video:

Forscene enables you to add a variety of motion effects to clips in your sequence.

To match a frame in your sequence to its source, simply navigate to the frame in the record window. Then drag the time code to the play window loaded with that source.

Alternatively, double click the time code to open a new play window containing only the source clip with the current sequence time code. To create a freeze frame, select the frame that you want to freeze, mark an in point, move 1 frame forward, and mark the out point so that your selection’s duration is 1 frame.

Next, mark the desired duration of the freeze frame with in and out points in the record window or on your timeline.

Freeze frames seldom include audio, so deselect audio on the patch panel and then drag your clip from the play window to the record window. Your freeze frame will then appear in the record timeline as a duplicated clip.

Creating a motion effect – speeding up or slowing down your shot – can be done in two ways in Forscene.

The first way of applying motion effects is to make your media slow down or speed up to fill the duration selected on the timeline. Mark your source in and out points and select the tracks you want to effect on the patch panel. Then select the destination in and out points in your record window. The duration of this selection can be longer or shorter than the duration of your source. Drag your source into the record window and it will either be sped up or slowed down to fill the duration marked in your sequence.

The second method makes use of the trim function on the timeline. Move your mouse at the end of the clip you would like to motion effect so the trim tool appears. Holding down shift while dragging the trim tool applies a motion effect. You can see that the trim tool changes to include an arrow pointing at the clip that is being sped up or slowed down. The motion effects toolbar pops up automatically, telling you the clip’s new duration, how much it’s being sped up or slowed down, and the duration you are shortening or extending the clip by.

Left dragging the trim tool will apply the motion effect to all selected tracks, while unlocking sync and then right dragging the trim tool will only speed up or slow down the track you are dragging over.
Fill gaps or replace clips in your timeline with Forscene’s fit to fill.

Start by making sure there are no in or out points selected in either your play or record windows. Find the media that you want to use in your play window and then navigate your playback bar to the gap you want to fill or clip you want to replace in the timeline. Use the patch panel to choose which tracks you want effected, then right drag your source into your sequence.

As you can see, the current frame from your play window is positioned at the current frame in your sequence.



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