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Button names and tooltips

This video will demonstrate how simple Forscene’s editing interface is to use, with button names and tooltips to guide you.

Transcription of the video

Like any software, the Forscene interface includes a variety of buttons. To find out what any of the buttons are, simply place your mouse over the button and wait a few seconds. As you can see, the button’s name will then be displayed.

But sometimes, knowing the button’s name isn’t enough you need to know how to use the tool that the button gives you access to. If you keep your mouse in place after the button name has come up, a tooltip will be displayed, telling you how to use this tool.

But we don’t only use buttons to do things in Forscene and that’s why we’ve taken this a step further. Almost every part of the interface includes names and tooltips from your play and record windows, to the media in your timeline and the panels.

As well as hovering over a button, you can also use the expand tool at the top of the panels to see the names of these buttons in this section. Just click the arrows again to hide these names.

Did you find this helpful? If you have any trouble working with Forscene, contact our support team.



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