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Chat window – user support

This video shows you how to use the chat window in Forscene – from typing new comments, to editing and even deleting posts.

Transcription of the video

Open the chat window by clicking the chat button on the left-hand side of the interface. Your chat window has three tabs.

One for Forscene’s user support, another for your account – to chat to your co-workers or others logged in – and finally the public chat which is open to everyone using Forbidden’s editing applications.

If you click on support you will be presented with a private chat window. At the bottom of this window is a text box. To post a message, type your question or comment into the text box and press return. Your message will then appear in the chat window.

If you’ve made a mistake you can drag the message back into the text box and edit it before reposting, or even drag and drop it in the recycle bin to delete it completely.

Once you have posted your message to support you can close chat and continue working. A notification will appear on the chat button when a reply to your post or a new message is received.



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