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Distribute from Forscene to Avid

Creating an Avid export button in Forscene:

  1. Go to the publishing menu from your Forscene account homepage.
  2. Click “New publishing button”.
  3. A publishing module menu will appear. Select “Publish to cloud” or “Publish to local folder” from the scroll menu and click OK.
  4. Select “Formats” and change TYPE to “EDL” (or “AAF Export”. Both can work depending on your project.)
  5. Toggle settings if necessary then click “create”.

You only have to create this button once! Never again will you have to repeat those steps.


Distributing to Avid from Forscene:

  1. Open a new Forscene Edit window.
  2. Drag and drop your sequence to the newly created EDL button.
  3. Click the EDL button, to open the EDL publishing window.
  4. Double click on your sequence once published. This will open a download window.
  5. Click the hyperlink for your chosen EDL for your sequence, and download it to your folder.
  6. Open Avid and import the EDL to reveal the sequence.

That’s it! Your video has now been distributed to Avid from your Forscene account!

Did you find this helpful? If you have any trouble exporting your video from Forscene, contact our support team.



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