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Distribute from Forscene to Facebook

Creating a Facebook button in Forscene:

  1. Go to the publishing menu from your Forscene account homepage.
  2. Click “New publishing button”.
  3. A publishing module menu will appear. Select “Publish to Facebook” from the scroll menu and click OK.
  4. Allow Forscene access to your Facebook account by clicking the “Request access to Facebook account” button.
  5. Click create.

You only have to create this button once! You won’t have to repeat those steps the future.


Distributing to Facebook from Forscene:

  1. Open a new Forscene Edit window.
  2. Drag and drop your sequence to the newly created Facebook button.
  3. Enter the title, description, category and visibility of your post from the publishing options.
  4. Click the Facebook button to open your sequence in Facebook.
  5. Click post.

That’s it! Your video has now been distributed to Facebook directly from your Forscene account!

Did you find this helpful? If you have any trouble exporting your media from Forscene, contact our support team.



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