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How to insert transitions and fades

Find out how to insert transitions and fades on the timeline when editing a sequence in Forscene.

Transcription of the video:

The transition button can be found on the record timeline’s title bar and is used to add or remove transitions between video clips. This button is only active when your playback bar is positioned at an edit point on your video track. If I move the bar away from the edit point, the button isn’t available. Both clips must also have sufficient handles for the transition. Left clicking the transition button automatically dissolves between your two video clips. Right clicking the transition button adds a dissolve between audio clips.

You can also use the shortcut “shift, forward slash” to add an audio dissolve. These transitions are clearly visible on the timeline and can be played back immediately. Right click the actual transition on the video track to get access to a variety of different transitions to choose from. Click the transition to insert it onto your timeline. Transitions default to 10 frames in length and are automatically centred on the cut. But you can edit the duration of a transition with the trim tool. Simply hover over the beginning or end of the transition until the trim tool appears and drag. You can trim to extend or shorten your transition and to customise the transition’s start and end points. The trim monitor shows the incoming and outgoing frames of your clips.

Unlike transitions, fades can be applied to any content track in your sequence. To fade, hover your mouse over the top corner of the track until crosshairs appear, then drag horizontally. The duration of your fade depends on how far you drag. Your first video fade will automatically be to or from black.

Right dragging when adding a fade allows you to choose the video fade colour from the colour chart, which opens automatically.

Alternatively you can select colours from your record or play window by simply clicking on the desired colour. Any subsequent video fades will then revert to the last colour selected.

Fade up titles and graphic overlays using alpha channels for smooth transitions. Fades can also be applied to audio channels in the same way.



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